Tony Romo: Seahawks we meet in the playoffs

Tony Romo does not seem to let go of the matter that the linebacker hurt his back, but he has prepared for the return as soon as possible.

Tony Romo

Cliff Avrill, the Seahawks linebacker, had got a lot of fans hate message since the game and received messages from Romo that: “You protect the opportunity of National League West and we will meet in the playoffs.”

Avrill said: “This situation has been for several days, if I’m on the road they could beat me directly, this is football, I tried to attack and it was an accident, although the result is unfortunate, but as a professional player we need to respect each other, we are not trying to hurt anyone.”

Dallas Cowboys rapid completed Mark Sanchez’s signing after Denver Broncos have just released him on Saturday, for now, Romo will miss at least seven games of the regular season. Sanchez and rookie Dak Prescott will struggle to the seven games.

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